Passive Voice Exercise

Change the following sentences from the Active voice to the passive voice.

1. The boy killed the spider.

2. The woodcutter felled the trees.

3. Columbus discovered America.

4. The master praised the boy.

5. The police arrested the thief.

6. The boys were making kites.

7. He has written a novel.

8. We will conquer the enemy.

9. The hunter shot the tiger.

10. Your manners irritate me.

11. He made a very remarkable discovery.

12. Everybody loves him.

13. My cousin has drawn a beautiful picture.

14. Somebody has put out the light.

15. Somebody has picked my pocket.


1. The spider was killed by the boy.

2. The trees were felled by the wood cutter.

3. America was discovered by Columbus.

4. The boy was praised by the master.

5. The thief was arrested by the police.

6. Kites were being made by the boys.

7. A novel has been written by him.

8. The enemy will be conquered by us.

9. The tiger was shot by the hunter.

10. I am irritated by your manners.

11. A very remarkable discovery was made by him.

12. He is loved by everybody.

13. A beautiful picture has been drawn by my cousin.

14. The light has been put out by somebody.

15. My pocket has been picked by somebody.

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