Verb and tense exercises.


Bài tập 1: Chia dạng đúng của các động từ trong ngoặc

1. Excuse me, you (speak) English ?
2. Excuse me but you (sit) in my place. – Oh, I’m very sorry.
3. I’m sorry. I (not/understand). Please speak slowly.
4. Can I borrow your pen or you (use) it at the moment?
5. Ann usually (do) the shopping but today I (do) it.
6. Who (make) that terrible noise? – It’s Nam. He (practise) the guitar.
7. My brother (visit) Ho Chi Minh city twice a year.
8. When winter (come), they usually (go) skiing.
9. Unlike my friend, I (not/believe) in ghost.
10. Nick is bored. He (not/go) out for a week now.
11. You (see) Nam recently? – No, I (see) him a year ago.
12. I already (finish) my exercises. I (watch) the football match now.
13. He is in Hanoi now. He (be) there since I (leave).
14. Last week my teacher (be) ill. He (not/teach) us for a week now.
15. How many books you (read) lately? – five and I (read) the sixth now.
16. I (lose) my key and I can’t find it. You (see) it anywhere?
17. When they (arrive) in Hongkong? – a month ago.
18. When I (go) to school yesterday, I (see) a lorry (crash) into a van.
19. Some days ago I (meet) Tom when he (go) to the park. I (say) “hello” to him and we (talk) for a while.
20. The rain (stop) when I (wake up) yesterday.
21. She (go) out with her friends after she (get) dressed.
22. The train no sooner (leave) the station than the storm (occur).
23. We (have) a party next Saturday. Would you like to come?
24. I (not/go) out this evening. I (stay) at home.
25. Don’t phone me between 7 and 8. We (have) dinner then.
26. Phone me after 8 o’clock. We (finish) dinner by then.
27. Can we meet tomorrow afternoon? – not in the afternoon. I (work).
Bài tập 2: Mỗi câu có một lỗi sai. Tìm và sửa lỗi sai đó.

1. The storm has happened last week.
2. Have you did the shopping today?
3. We’ve prepared everything last week.
4. He has finished his work at 6 o’clock.
5. When have you meet Nam?
6. Granddad has died long ago.
7. I haven’t talked with him at the last meeting.
8. Since last week Nam was ill.
9. Have you ever gone to my village?
10. What time have they finished?
11. I went to many countries in my life.
12. He has been to Greece for 2 years.
13. They studied maths for 3 years.
14. I’ve been to Hanoi twice.
15. How long did you know Mary?

DAP AN: (download)

Bài 1:

1. Do you speak 2. are sitting 3. don’t understand 4. are you using 5. does, am doing 6. is making, is practicing
7. visits 8. comes, go 9. don’t believe 10. hasn’t gone 11. have you seen, saw 12. have already finished, am watching
13. has been, left 14. was, hasn’t taught 15. have you read, am reading 16. have lost, have you seen 17. did they arrive 18. went, saw, crash
19. met, was going, said, talked 20. had stopped, woke up 21. went, had got 22. had no sooner left, occurred

Bài 2:

1. bỏ “has”
2. did –> done
3. bỏ “have”
4. bỏ “has”
5. have you met –> did you meet
6. bỏ “has”
7. haven’t –> didn’t
8. was –> has been
9. gone –> been
10. have they finished –> did they finish
11. went –> have been
12. to –> in
13. studied –> have studied
14. in –> to
15. did you know –> have you known



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